Pixlr Official Certification

What's included?

  • 8 Hour Course
  • 20 Lesson Videos
  • 109 Exam Questions
  • 75 Downloadable Images
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Helping to accompany you on your content creation journey.

Welcome to the Complete Pixlr Certification photo editing and image creation course! Pixlr is packed with the most powerful tools on the market, and this essential course will help you unlock your true artistic potential by becoming a Certified Pixlr user. Containing 20 well paced and easy to follow video lessons and 109 exam questions.

Watch. Learn. Improve.

This amazing course was created to offer something for everyone, whether you are new to the world of image editing or have years of experience. From content creators to hobbyists, teachers and students, or anyone who has always wanted to learn how to create spectacular images.

Of course, this is possible using Pixlrs unique platform and powerful AI tools. There is no faster and simpler editor available, and this course will teach you the best workflows with many tips and tricks included.
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Please note:

The following course was designed for Pixlr 2023, certain features found in some of the subject matters may now be found in Pixlr Designer.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Ian Johnston

Pixlr Ambassador
Ian Johnston is a history teacher at secondary level, as well as being heavily involved in teacher training and instructional design, specializing in online course creation using innovative methodologies integrating powerful online tools. He has a love for digital content creation such as photography, videography and audio and works hand-in-hand with Pixlr as an Education Ambassador to achieve this. He is motivated to help others learn to use technology and digital tools for their creative purposes, providing courses, training, tutorials, reviews and lots more via his social media profiles: “Click Learn Grow” and “That Photo Guy”.
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